Well known liberal blogger shot in DC

Welcome to our town.

Brian Beutler, a well-known progressive blogger, was shot and seriously injured during a mugging last night in Washington, D.C.

One bullet damaged Beutler’s spleen, and he had it removed during surgery this morning at the Washington Hospital Center. He’s expected to make a “pre-trauma” recovery, which is to say, a completely full recovery.

The neighborhood he was shot in, like a 5 minute walk from me, has an ongoing gang war on the very corner he was shot. It’s been going on for years. And years. And years. But DC is such an inept city, that all we hear about is how fighting crime is hard work. Sound familiar? I’ve looked at condos right next to where he was shot. $400,000 for a one bedroom. I laugh when I see places like that, because I know there’s a gang war going on about 100 feet away. And now this would be our second mugging-shooting we’ve had in the last month or so. Though I guess this is a step up from when I was mugged and strangled by two kids in front of my apartment building at 8 o’clock at night on a busy street. At least they only used their hands to try to kill me. Now they’re using guns. And this is our nation’s capital. It’s really pathetic.

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