Wash Post on Obama in Jordan: “He looked and sounded presidential”

From the WashingtonPost.com:

Barack Obama’s press conference this morning in Amman, Jordan, was a major moment — perhaps the major moment — of the Illinois senator’s much-ballyhooed trip abroad this week.

All eyes were on Obama to see how he would perform on a world stage with every political reporter of any consequence either on the trip with him or watching closely on television.

And, as he has done before in the course of the campaign, Obama seemed to be up to the moment — sensing the need to convey gravitas and bipartisanship while also strongly defending his own beliefs about America’s role in Iraq and the broader Middle East.

Gone were the jokes and “rah rah” language that won over many Obama partisans but left many undecided voters wondering whether there was any there there when it came to the Illinois senator. Instead, we saw a serious explication of his position on removing combat troops in Iraq, a position bolstered in recent days by repeated calls by the Iraqi government to remove U.S. military forces from the country by 2010.

“Regardless of who becomes next president we are going to have to strip away ideology, strip away the politics,” Obama said when asked the proper future course for Iraq. “The next president is going to have to make a series of very difficult judgments.”

Obama cleared a crucial bar in today’s press conference. He looked and sounded presidential at a moment when the eyes of the world were on him.

Maybe the reason Obama is getting better press coverage than McCain, if it’s true at all, is that Obama is doing better than McCain, and the media is simply reporting the facts.

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