“The Pentagon” blocks Obama from visiting troops

This is rich — and disturbing.

The very Pentagon leaders that do not take care of the wounded troops, see this post below, prevented Barack Obama from visiting wounded troops in Germany. The Pentagon claimed Obama’s visit would be political. He’s a United States Senator for Christ sakes. Blocking Obama’s visit is politics. Who at the Pentagon made this call? I want names.

Andrea Mitchell explains:

A person or people, not “the Pentagon,” made the decision to prevent a U.S. Senator from visiting soldiers. John wrote earlier this week about the Chairman of the Joints Chief inappropriately injecting his views into the campaign. Be interesting to know which Pentagon officials gave this order — and who was consulted from the Bush/Cheney administration.

For the GOP, “support the troops” is just a political slogan — and that Bush/Cheney/Rove/McCain crowd uses every opportunity to play politics with these issues. If you have any doubts about how ugly this campaign is going to get, watch how McCain tries to exploit the fact that Obama didn’t visit troops in Germany — after “the Pentagon” blocked the trip.

McCain doesn’t want anymore images like this.

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