Reuters reporter Thomas Ferraro, long mocked as a biased ass…

Reuters reports that Al Gore may be a keynote speaker at the Democratic convention. But of course, God forbid that Reuters actually reported the news. No. This is the first sentence of the Reuter story, announcing that Gore may be keynoting:

Al Gore, long mocked as an exaggerating bore, seems certain to land a lead role at the Democratic National Convention as an internationally recognized defender of the Earth.

Excuse me? Yes, Gore was mocked by Republicans in 2000, who falsely tried to paint him as a liar and a bore. But I didn’t realize that Republican slurs against Democratic candidates were now the new required epithet to use any time we refer to those nominees in the future. Does Reuters plan on referring to George Bush as “George Bush, long mocked as a lying idiot” or Ronald Reagan as “long mocked as a bumbling dolt”?

If the entire country, Democrats and Republicans alike, had roundly dismissed Gore as a lying bore, then that lede would be accurate. Basically, someone who is roundly dismissed, and then who rehabilitates themself, you can refer to the rehabilitation. But in this case, this is the Democratic and not the Republican convention. We didn’t mock Gore at all, and we certainly didn’t call him a liar and a bore. Those were the Republican talking points. Points that Reuters and reporter Thomas Ferraro seem more than happy to parrot. The condascending epithet would only be relevant if the GOP had invited Gore to their convention. It’s just incredibly disrespectful, biased, incorrect, irrelevant and journalistically inappropriate, to throw this kind of crap into the first sentence of an article about a former Vice President who is roundly admired in our party.

This is typical of the daily bs we have to deal with in the corporate media. They simply don’t know how to do their jobs anymore.

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