Phil Gramm, not so gone after all

After top McCain adviser Phil Gramm called Americans “whiners” for being under the mistaken assumption that we’re in a recession, another top McCain surrogate said tonight that in fact Phil Gramm is coming back – he seemed to suggest that Gramm will continue to advise McCain during the campaign, and he’ll get an appointment in a McCain administration. So the McCain campaign lied when they said Phil Gramm was out. Here’s a rush transcript of Kudlow and Company tonight:

KUDLOW: “Steve Forbes, we just have a little bit of time. A lot of conservatives are very dispirited that Phil Gramm has left the McCain campaign, Steve. Has he in fact left? I know he has resigned. Will Senator McCain, who has yet to speak about this, do you think senator McCain will ask him to come back?”

FORBES: “Oh, I think in terms of advice Phil Gramm will be critical, which is good because on things like trade he is absolutely right. I think John McCain has a long friendship with Phil Gramm, so this was something, Phil Gramm said something that you’re not supposed to say these days, and he paid a price for it, but in terms of the relationship, I think it’s as strong as ever, and in the McCain administration, I think phil Gramm’s advice will be taken to heart.”

[BERNSTEIN (INTERRUPTING): “Larry, i think the Obama campaign might miss Phil Gramm too.”]

KUDLOW: “Why won’t Senator McCain say what you just said publicly? In other words, McCain could say I don’t want your resignation, you misspoke, let’s leave it be. We’re a large tent, big family. We need you on this campaign. Steve. Do you think McCain will come out and say that?”

FORBES: “I think he will say good things about Phil Gramm and Phil Gramm paid the price for it. Gramm’s been in presidential politics, as I have, and when these things happen, somebody walks the plank, but I think in terms of relationship and the philosophy, that’s not going to change.”

(CNBC Kudlow and Company, 7/21/08)

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