More backlash on McCain’s “churlish” attacks — from the GOP

John McCain has been especially nasty lately — even for a guy who is pretty nasty (remember, McCain has that temper problem – here, and here, and here, and here and here – oh and don’t miss this one). His attacks on Obama’s patriotism have been especially vicious, but they’re falling flat. According to this blurb in today’s Washington Post, the attacks aren’t sitting well in the GOP:

One GOP strategist with close ties to McCain’s campaign said the new line of attack reflected the operation’s “schizophrenic” nature. He said that tendency was also on display last week, as McCain spoke at length about media coverage of Obama rather than sticking with his plan to focus on the economy.

“They couldn’t help themselves,” the strategist said, adding that the ad over the hospital visit is “churlish and unlike McCain, and hardly will resonate with the swing voters who are going to decide this election.” The strategist continued: “They’re doing it because the candidate, and the campaign, is not happy with where they are and they’re lashing out.”

If McCain hopes to win the election, the strategist added, “he needs to be a happy warrior.”

McCain as “happy warrior” isn’t going to happen. More of McCain “lashing out” is going to happen.

Jed reports that the none of the usual suspects in the GOP/right wing noise have been echoing McCain’s line of attack.

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