McCain’s newest, bizarre, and rather robotic non-answer on the issue of gay couples adopting

A few things are clear. McCain doesn’t want to even talk about the issue. He’s going to massively avoid giving a clear answer to either the pro civil rights or the homophobic side of the argument. And at the same time, he’s trying mighty hard to pander to the religious right by constantly saying he’s for family values, whatever that means. Well I’m for family values too, but I’m pretty sure that my definition is a lot different than Pat Robertson’s. Why won’t McCain simply answer the question? Is it okay for gay men to adopt small children or not? Seems we can’t get straight or gay talk out of McCain any more. Why aren’t more in the media hounding McCain for a a straight answer? Mrs. Greenspan, you there?

Oh, and a quick aside to James Dobson: Please do endorse McCain. The man is terrified of cultural issues and doesn’t seem to want to touch them with a ten-foot poll. We’d like nothing better than to watch you religious right chumps endorse yet another Republican who’s telegraphed that they’re going to blow you off once elected, and then does.

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