Increasingly desperate McCain accuses Obama of flip-flopping on the Holocaust

As I wrote yesterday, the Democrats let the Republicans attack their patriotism, and now their humanity, with impunity, and we’re surprised that the Republicans keep doing it? This is classic Karl Rove, who is now advising John McCain. Rove clearly told McCain to do this, in order to steal attention from Obama’s overwhelmingly successful international tour. Also, Rove and McCain must believe that Jewish voters are going to fall for this ridiculous line – that Obama might have been for the Holocaust. Abusing the memory of six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust, in order to help your election. Kind of puts the Brandenburg Gate kerfuffle, and McCain’s criticisms that Obama’s trip was just political, into perspective. And what’s worse, it’s not the first time the Republicans have tried to use the Holocaust as some kind of political weapon against Obama. Remember when the GOP tried to make hay out of the fact that Obama couldn’t remember the name of the Nazi labor camp that his uncle helped liberate? The Republicans are right. Jewish voters should take note… of who is abusing the memories of their ancestors.

By the way, I’m waiting for the ADL to weigh in and tell McCain to cut it out. Or do they just weigh in against Democrats who invoke the Holocaust for political gain?

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