Harold Ford thinks homophobia is politically expedient. Great, so how is he on racism?

Former Democratic congressman Harold Ford spoke today at the Netroots Nation conference. Ford explained to the audience that sometimes you just have to embrace positions that a lot of Democrats don’t like, in order to win conservative districts. For example, Ford decided to go anti-gay in the last week of his losing Senate race in 2006.

So, here’s my question for Harold Ford. How’s he feel about a Democrat using racism in order to win a race in a conservative district? I’m guessing Ford is against race-baiting in order to win conservative southern voters. But he has no problem with homophobia. Isn’t that interesting. How about bashing Asians (you know, Harold, those folks that John McCain calls “gooks”)? How about bashing women? Or people with disabilities? Would you tell a “polock joke” if you knew it would win you votes, Harold?

I just get very tired of people like Harold Ford, who I suspect have a few personal issues in their own lives, lecturing me about how homophobia is a necessary and acceptable political strategy for Democrats. Ford would never suggest that it’s okay for Dems, or anyone, to use racist tactics to win a race, so why is it okay to use homophobia? Or are gays lower down on the totem pole to people like Ford? Then again, I shouldn’t be so presumptious. Perhaps Harold Ford does think racism is an acceptable campaign tactic. Either way, the guy is a bit messed up.

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