But it was a very tasteful strip joint where conservative family-values Republican Pete Sessions held his fundraisers

Now there’s a lady who loves her country:

From MarketPlace we learn that family-values conservative GOP Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) has been holding fundraisers at a strip club in Vegas. Sessions was publicly livid over Janet Jackson’s “liberal values” when she bared her covered boobs during the SuperBowl a few years back (Pete Sessions… scolded Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake for forcing “their liberal values upon the rest of the country” after their infamous 2004 Super Bowl halftime striptease). Sessions was less upset about the boobs shown at his fundraisers at a Vegas strip joint. Here is how Sessions described the affair to the media, and below are lots more photos from the strip joint. It’s priceless:

Sessions: That’s right, we do a Las Vegas fundraiser every year and not only raise money, but see Las Vegas. It’s a beautiful town.

Henn: Forty Deuce is a strip club.

Sessions: You know, I’ve never seen that. It is what I would call a burlesque show where there’s a woman who comes out and has a dress on… Uh, she never get’s naked. There’s no nudity, there’s no nudity in there.

This is how the club’s owner, Ivan Kane, describes his brand of burlesque.

Ivan Kane: The key component would be to have girls who were dancers taking their clothes off, not just girls taking their clothes off.

Sessions spent more than $5,000 at Kane’s club that night in March, according to federal disclosures. Those reports show Sessions spent another $2,100 on his hotel.

Here are some more shots from the club’s Web site. This would be a screen shot of a video of a guy whipping a woman’s ass with a riding crop:

This, below, is from a video on the site as well. It’s hard to tell, but you’ll note the woman, on the left, is wearing nothing but a top hat on her breasts:

Oh yeah, it’s all fun and games until somebody pokes an eye out:

I wonder what her position is on a capital gains tax cut:

Anything with a flag can’t be all bad:

So overcome with patriotism she was speaking in tongues:

What, you’ve never saluted the flag?

Oh, and Sessions supports a constitutional amendment to ban desecration of the flag.

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