McCain screws up again. This time by using Fred Thompson to attack Obama.

Yeah, not very smart to use Fred Thompson to attack Obama over bin Laden. First off, Thompson said last year that Osama didn’t really matter, he’s “more symbolism than anything else.” Yeah, the symbol of 3,000 dead Americans and others on September 11. That’s a symbol worth catching. But Thompson didn’t stop there. He said last year that bin Laden ““should get due process if he’s caught”. Now, why is that a problem? Because McCain has been railing all week against Obama for saying that there’s no reason we can’t try suspected terrorists in US courts, even if they’re military courts. McCain says that’s naive. And now McCain is using Thompson to further that attack on Obama. Except that Thompson said pretty what Obama said, if not far worse in McCain’s thinking. Yesterday Team McCain put Giuliani out there to attack Obama on national security after McCain had said that Giuliani has zero national security experience. And now this. Seriously poorly managed campaign over in McCain-land.

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