McCain connection to Obama smear-monger?

In his post about Larry Sinclair, the now-jailed (again) guy spreading bizarre rumors about Obama, Ben Smith notes the following:

At the Press Club, Avi also ran into Will Bower, a sometimes-Huffington Post blogger who founded “Party Unity, My Ass” – a group for die-hard Clinton supporters that are now backing McCain – and was invited by the McCain campaign last weekend to meet with the presumptive Republican nominee, and called Sinclair’s story “worth exploring.”

And from Ben’s post 4 days ago, we confirm that Will Bower was in fact invited, and did attend, a private meeting with McCain last weekend. Anyone else find it interesting that McCain is wooing a guy who is telling the media that Sinclair’s smears are “worth exploring”? I’d love to know what the McCain campaign’s involvement is here, whether they talked to Bower about this story, whether Bower told them he was going to the press conference, whether they’re now prepared to reject and denounce Bower for trying to push this story? It’s just a bit sleazy finding John McCain’s name mixed up in all of this.

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