“Let the big brokers fail”

You know if the tables were turned, they would say the same for everyone else. With more rumors about Merrill Lynch and other “new” massive write downs, we should be hearing more of this talk and rightly so.

“I think there’s a good chance that the Fed itself will fail one day if they say ‘we’re not going to let you fail’ and the government will have to bail out the entire system,” Faber said.

“If I’m a bad businessman and I go out of business, who’s gong to help me?” he said. “But Bear Stearns and the Wall Street elite, because they are tied into the Treasury and the Federal Reserve and they have lunch together, it’s a club and so forth, they’re bailed out. It’s a joke!”

“I think a lot of banks are already bankrupt … but they hide their rotten assets … in categories where you don’t really need to value them,” Faber said. “I think the financial sectors, by-and large, has much larger problems than is perceived by the investment community and the stock market to some extent is telling you that.”

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