Heinz is what bigots taste like

Heinz pulled a mayo ad, airing only in Britain, because it showed a man kissing his partner goodbye on his way to work.

Heinz felt it had to pull the ad, and I repeat, only aired in the UK, because Bill O’Reilly complained that he didn’t want to see it, even though it wasn’t aired in the US at all. Nice.

So Heinz now has an official policy that gay couples are verboten in Heinz ads, even in Europe. Gays are too controversial, too icky, too gross for Heinz. Very nice. Does Heinz also feel that gays are too gross to market to in Spain, where gays can legally marry? How about Norway, we can marry there too. And I wonder how Heinz feels about a black man kissing a white woman. I can see it now, try Heinz’s new Miscegenation Mayonnaise, served on white bread only.

Heinz is one of the most recognizable brands in America. So it shouldn’t be too hard to remember to avoid all of their products now and in the future. It’s not like there isn’t other mayo and ketchup to buy (and honestly, Heinz mayo? who buys that crap anyway?)

Please contact Heinz and let them have it:

Contact Heinz
UK: Nigel Dickie, +44 20 8848 2726 – [email protected]
US: Jessica Jackson, 412-237-3562 – [email protected]
Michael Mullen, 412-456-5751 – [email protected]

Here’s the ad:


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