Gays with guns

I found it rather odd that any gay group would take a position on gun control, let alone issue a press release about it. But suggesting that gays needs guns to protect themselves from anti-gay violence? Uh, okay.

Log Cabin Republicans applaud the U.S. Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling striking down Washington, DC’s 32-year-old ban on hand guns.

“This is an excellent decision for all Americans-gay and straight,” said Log Cabin Republicans President Patrick Sammon. “We’re grateful the U.S. Supreme Court re-affirmed the constitutional right for all Americans to own a gun.

“Unfortunately, too many LGBT Americans still face the threat of anti-gay violence,” said Sammon. “We’re happy the Supreme Court has affirmed the right for us to protect ourselves and our families from harm. Self defense is not a privilege, it’s a right.

“Gun ownership is a cherished and historic American right enshrined in our Constitution.

“Today, the right to bear arms lives on for all qualified, law-abiding citizens,” said Sammon.

That’s a bit of a stretch. I got mugged several years ago, and regardless of the motivation of my attackers, after I broke free from them trying to strangle me I was pretty shaken up. I can’t imagine I’d have been a real great shot firing at the kids as they ran away from me. I could have just as easily hit the couple standing on the corner right behind the kids.

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One Response to “Gays with guns”

  1. David Essex says:

    Fuck Yeah!
    I mean, why the fuck is this article even in existence? Why, because of a fucking sexual preference, would one NOT want to have a gun? Several guns? That’s the stupidest fucking idea in this headline. Twerp ass blogger.Nope! I’m a Democrat!

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