Dennis Kucinich and impeachment

I’m sorry, but this is all so six minutes ago. As you may know, last night Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich filed 35 articles of impeachment against President Bush. And yes, George Bush and Dick Cheney deserve to be impeached. But the country isn’t in the mood for it, so unless you convince them to be in the mood for it, all it is is a big distraction that makes us all look silly. Unfortunately in life, it’s not enough to be right. In a democracy, you have to convince 51% of everybody else that you’re right too. Kucinich isn’t doing that. He’s just looking silly, albeit in a wildly popular populist way. He’s making us look silly in a year in which we need to very much look not silly. The republicans pretty much made impeachment a non-starter for at least another decade. The public just doesn’t want to go there again. So, I’m sorry, but while I agree with Kucinich that Bush and Cheney surely deserve to be impeached, I’m not going to jump on a bandwagon that’s either heading nowhere, or worse, off a cliff. The voters think it’s a kooky idea. And Kucinich being the guy spearheading the effort only helps to reinforce that impression. Until someone convinces the public that it’s not kooky, introducing articles of impeachment will simply tick the voters off, convince them not to vote for us in the fal, and then there definitely won’t be any impeaching or anything else if all of our supporters lose their jobs. I said it before during the Alito filibuster, and I’ll say it again. High-profile public relations stunts, that have no chance of success, are not well organized, and which the public doesn’t support, serve no purpose other than to trick you guys into seeing hope where there is none. I really don’t like publicity stunts posing as policy.

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