Britain to vastly expand railways while US wastes half a billion a day in Iraq

The debacle in Iraq comes at a price. We’re spending nearly half a BILLION dollars a day on war. This isn’t just some flight of fancy that George Bush started and John McCain can continue because, you know, it’s not like anyone is gonna get hurt. We’ve lost 4,000 American soldiers to this war. We’ve wasted over $500 billion, and we’re still spending over $100 billion every year on this stupid thing. The total cost is expected to reach over a trillion dollars – or even several trillion, if you add all the veterans’ costs in as well. Europe continues to expand its capacity, China and India continue to grow, and where are we? Pouring money down a hole while our economy grinds to a halt, and we face a world of permanent $4 a gallon gas. That’s 3 times the price AFTER September 11. What have we done to prepare our country for this shock? Nothing, because the Republicans simply didn’t care. You see, their friends in Big Oil stood to gain a lot of money, so GOP politicians didn’t lift much of a finger to help get us off of oil and on to other alternative energies, increasingly fuel efficient cars, etc. Has anyone checked out plane tickets lately? My flight to Chicago I always take went up 50% from what it used to be. Flights to Europe are the same – and I mean, 50% more than they should be at this time of year. Planning to buy bananas ever again? Or corn. Or rice. Or milk or butter or anything that is coming to you, or a store near you, via a car, truck, train or plane? This oil debacle is going to hurt the price of pretty much everything. That’s money out of all of our pockets, money we could be spending on our families, on our futures. When we become a country that’s so poor we need to charge for water on airline flights, it truly is pathetic what we’ve become under Republican rule.

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