A cool storm that just passed by

Yeah, it was stupid as hell, standing on my balcony trying to get pictures of the lightning, but for the first time ever, it actually worked. And I got several great shots. I’ve been trying to do this for most of my life, to no avail. Yeah. For the photo buffs among you, I have a simple Canon Powershot SD700. Nice miniature camera. For the first two shots, I simply had the camera pointed in the direction that I had the sense the lightning might hit and waited until I just sensed some light, then snapped the shot. Got really lucky on both. With the latter shots, below, I decided to set my camera on continuous shot, so I just held the button down and shot 800 pics until I got 4 I liked. Funny that the best shots are the ones I just sat and waited and then snapped.

This one is totally cool. If you could see the original, you’d note that the lighting hit probably ten blocks or so from the US Capitol building, and you can see the Capitol just to the right of where the lightning strikes (a light is on in the dome).

Lightning hit, Washington, DC, June 10, 2008

This one has the Washington Hilton in the foreground, where Reagan got shot.

Lightning hit, Washington, DC, June 10, 2008

UPDATE: Well the storm kept coming, so I shot a few more:





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