UPDATED — BREAKING: Wesley Clark reportedly called Hillary tonight, urging her to drop out

UPDATE: We got a denial from General Clark’s office today. They contacted us to tell us he did not reach out to Clinton:

This is not true. He did not contact Hillary or the Clinton campaign expressing a desire for her to drop out.

As I wrote in the post last night, we like General Clark here at AMERICAblog. So, we are more than happy to post this denial for him and his staff.


We’ve just been told that General Wesley Clark, a strong Clinton supporter and fellow Arkansan, called Hillary tonight to tell her it’s over.

In addition to our source, the king of the pundits, Mark Halperin, drops a tantalizing hint that something might be up with Clark:

“The biggest question: Will any of her supporters (including Wes Clark) say publicly or privately she should quit?”

We like General Clark here at AMERICAblog, and have a bit of a history with him. So we hope what we’re hearing is true. But the general better watch it – this could be his most dangerous mission to date. When you take on the Clintons, the sniper fire is real.

And now it’s time for the General to do one more mission. He need to publicly endorse Barack Obama. Hillary is intent on staying in the race, even though we now know that even if we just give her her “wins” in Michigan and Florida, she still loses to Obama in both delegates and overall votes. General Clark must know this. He must know that Hillary is now hurting our nominee, hurting our party, hurting our chances to defeat McCain in the fall. General Clark, where are you?

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