Saturday Morning Open Thread

Good morning.

So, you may need a quick respite from the political maelstrom. Check out the poem of the week: The Acrobats by Shel Silverstein. It’s a fun one.

After you’ve enjoyed the poem, come back to reality. There are just four more days til the primaries in North Carolina and Indiana. I think the question remaining is not whether Obama will get the nomination. That’s a done deal. The question is how much damage Clinton and her minions, especially Bill, can wreak upon Obama and the Democratic party.

And, one more time: Those damn pundits don’t decide this thing. The Democrats decide it. Doesn’t matter how much analysis is provided by the likes of Chris Matthews or Mark Halperin or Jim Vandehei. Doesn’t matter. And, if you need to know how absurd this process has become, today’s NY Times has a front page article about the “rivalry” between Russert and Stephanopoulos. They’ve become part of the story…it’s absurd.

So. Start.

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