Russert: It’s over for Hillary. She just lost the nomination.

NBC declares Hillary the winner, barely, in Indiana. Hillary may get one delegate more than Obama in Indiana. Chuck Todd says Obama will get 13 more delegates than Hillary tonight, and that wipes out the 12 delegates more than him that she got in Pennsylvania. Obama now has a pledged delegate lead of over 160, he’s got a popular vote lead of over 700,000, per Todd

There is simply no path to victory for Hillary. Now she’s just screwing around and hurting the party. Look at what Chuck Todd just said, again – even with Michigan and Florida, she has lost:

“With leads like this now, if you throw in Michigan and Florida, as is, then Obama would still have about 150,000 votes and he would still have 100 delegates, pledged delegate, lead.” – Chuck Todd, 1:13 AM

Goal ThermometerBut knowing the Clintons, the fact that there’s no way for them to win won’t step them from sabotaging Obama’s race against McCain. If Hillary can continue to damage Obama, maybe she can make Obama lose in the fall, and then she can run again in 2012. Don’t think that this isn’t what her senior advisers, including her husband, are thinking. These people aren’t Democrats, they’re Clintons. They aren’t interested in the party, they’re interested in themselves, as they’ve clearly proven repeatedly over the past three months. Please give to Obama’s campaign using the box on the left – just click it and it will bring you to a page where you can donate. The only way to stop this woman is through a massive response, and that includes beefing up Obama’s coffers.

1:09 AM
99% reporting
Hillary 637,389 (up 22,019)
Obama 615,370

Hillary still ahead in Indiana by only 1.4%, she only has 50.7% of the vote to his 49.3%. But like every good horror movie, the bad guy keeps coming back. She isn’t out until she’s out. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she lost, it’s over, she’s not going to be our nominee. But she can still mess things up by refusing to leave.

Video of Russert saying Hillary has lost the nomination:

12:35 AM
Hillary 606,497 (ahead 16,609)
Obama 589,888

12:33 AM
Hillary 590,867 (ahead 19,747)
Obama 571,120

Russert’s quote in response to the question “Did it just end tonight?” from Olbermann:

We now know who the democratic nominee is going to be and no one is going to dispute it.

This is it. The media finally turned on her. It’s over. It’s finally freaking over. I say this because the race was over 2 months ago. But the media kept it alive by pretending as though Hillary had a chance, when they knew she didn’t. But, their pretending permitted her to keep going with a straight face. Now that the media is turning on her, she’s going to have an impossible time continuing. If she continues to run the only question she will be asked from now on is “you’ve lost, why are you still in this race?” There is nothing she can do now. Yes, she can stay in the race, says she’s not quitting until the convention in August. But now that the media has turned on her, good luck with that.

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