McCain’s other pastor apparently cures Leukemia with his touch

Uh huh. This is McCain’s other pastor buddy, Rod Parsley. He’s a real piece of work. Check out the video below put together by PFAW. We wrote about Parsley’s offensive rhetoric earlier today (Mohammed as “the mouthpiece of a conspiracy of spiritual evil.”) The PFAW video has even more, including:

“The perverted act of sodomy.”

“America’s tortured and angry homosexual population.”

(Angry? No, now we’re just laughing at how totally you’ve screwed over John McCain LOL)

“Man your battle stations, ready your weapons. They say ‘his rhetoric is so inciting.’ I came to incite a riot!”

You can watch the video here.

Here’s more on McCain’s pastor buddy Rod Parsley, from a post Joe wrote two and a half years ago:

The group, founded by the Rev. Rod Parsley, a television evangelist and pastor of the World Harvest Church in suburban Columbus, vehemently opposes gay rights, and Parsley has written that the teachings of Islam were inspired by demons.

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