Limbaugh is succeeding in getting his Republican listeners to vote for Hillary

First off, this means that the message from Indiana’s results, even after we have them, may not be clear at all. Second, if Rush Limbaugh wants Hillary as our candidate, God help us. It says something that every nutjob on the far right, even after what Obama has been through the past couple of weeks, is still for Hillary. You want a canary in the coal mine of electability, you just got it.

The Indianapolis Star reported online today that it appeared that droves of “hard-core” Republicans are crossing over to vote in the Democratic primary in GOP strongholds in Marion County and suburbs.

Exit polls suggest that Limbaugh’s soldiers could have made a difference March 4 in Texas, where Clinton pulled out a narrow win in the primary, though Obama won the simultaneous caucuses….

But today on his program, Limbaugh told “operatives and commandos” that he has received emails from GOP voters that they have not been challenged at the polls. He read one email from one who voted for Clinton: “It was tough. I showered twice, I threw up in my mouth, but I did it.”

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