It’s over

TIME’s circulation is nearly 5 million. But TIME’s impact goes far beyond its voluminous subscribers. In doctors’ offices across America, every mom, dad, and kid is going to see Obama’s smiling face and TIME magazine proclaiming him the victor. Most of America now thinks that Hillary lost and Obama won, and conventional wisdom setters like TIME only cement that notion even further. Why does this matter? Because of the SuperDelegates. Who wants to fall on their sword for Hillary AFTER everyone think – knows – she’s lost? These are politicians. They have a choice between supporting the guy who may very well be our next president, or the lady who won’t. At some point, opportunity overtakes loyalty, and even fear.

UPDATE: Rahm is now saying it’s over too. This is rather huge. Not only did Rahm work for Bill in the White House, and on the campaign, but Rahm is also one of the most powerful Dems in the House. This will put added pressure on Democratic House members to side with Obama and put this thing to rest.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Four more SuperDs for Obama, including a Hillary SuperD who just defected. Zero SuperDs for Hillary today.

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