In 2000, Bill Clinton opposed Hillary’s gas tax plan

Of course, in 2000, Hillary opposed her gas tax plan too. (In all fairness, it’s John McCain’s gas tax plan. Hillary simply stole it.) Does she really think that, were she to steal the nomination, the GOP wouldn’t have a field with “Hillary is a flip-flopping liar” ads in the fall? On issue after issue, from guns to NAFTA to this gas tax, Hillary shifts her position with each new poll, hoping voters won’t notice that all of her previous positions contradict her current one. People aren’t stupid. They’re going to figure out that Hillary appears to lie about everything. I mean, she’s got enough baggage already. Half the public already hates her, then she’s going to have to deal with the Republicans bringing up Monica and all of Hillary’s own scandals, like Whitewater and the cattle futures. And now she’s branding herself a serial liar. This isn’t the definition of electable. It’s the definition of a train wreck.

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Here is President Clinton at a press conference in 2000 explaining that a gas tax holiday would not pass the savings to the consumer:

Q. Mr. President, in light of the fact that OPEC has decided to increase production, do you see it as a mistake for the Senate to proceed with a bill that would suspend the gas tax? And if it reached your desk, would you veto it?

A. Well, I don’t expect it to reach my desk because there seems to be bipartisan opposition to it in the House, including among the leadership. But the problem I have with it, apart from what it might do to the Highway Trust Fund and the spending obligations that have already been incurred by the acts of Congress, the budgets, is that I’m not sure that the savings would be passed along to the consumers in addition to that. So I think there are a lot of questions about it. But I don’t expect it to pass.

There must be video of this somewhere.

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