How did Paul Krugman become such an apologist for the Clinton campaign?

Paul Krugman, economist, is so much better than Paul Krugman, Hillary apologist.

This idea that Hillary Clinton’s supporters have hurt feelings and need to be coddled is really getting annoying:

[M]any grass-roots Clinton supporters feel that she has received unfair, even grotesque treatment. And the lingering bitterness from the primary campaign could cost Mr. Obama the White House.

Clinton lost. If she had stopped campaigning when that was clear, things would be different now. Everyone thought that was what happened two weeks ago. But, no. Team Clinton was back with a vengeance last week.

Obama headed to Florida to start healing wounds. Hillary went to Florida to rub salt in those wounds.

A Dkos diary has more:

This is analysis? People “feel that she has received unfair, even grotesque treatment.” Well, Paul, are they right? Is that justified? And to the extent that they feel it, is it all Obama’s fault, or might that have something to do with the way in which Hillary has campaigned, her and Bill’s constant whining about unfair treatment (despite the huge advantages she started with), the non-stop attacks on Obama, week after week, by her and her colleagues that have had such a polarizing effect?

And all this leads to his conclusions. Unfortunately for Krugman he can’t say that Obama should stop attacking Clinton, because Obama has NEVER attacked her, and certainly is not doing it now.

So, now we’re at a point where some Clinton supporters might not vote for Obama. Their feelings are so hurt that they’re willing to hand the Supreme Court to even more right wingers, insuring that Roe v. Wade is overturned and the next generation of women will lose rights. They’re willing to keep the war in Iraq going and risk war with Iran, insuring that the next generation of soldiers will continue to face wars without end. (And, that’ll probably mean a draft to sustain it.) Those are just two of the real world implications of a McCain presidency. The list goes on and on and on. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail — and the onus is on Clinton herself to make sure they do.

This thing is almost over, thankfully. If those fricking superdelegates would just make up their minds, there would be no more Clinton campaign drama. And, despite what Krugman says, there should be no Clinton on the ticket as V.P. There is just too much drama, negativity and in-fighting swirling around the Clintons and the coterie. We’ve had enough of that.

I want the old Paul Krugman back.

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