Here comes Whitewater, again

Here we go again. I thought we were promised that none of Hillary’s and Bill’s old scandals would ever come up again because, you know, she’s been “vetted.” Well, the conservative, Moonie-run newspaper, the Washington Times, that just so happens to be a very clear indicator of what conservative Republicans are thinking, is now reporting on “new” documents, never before seen, suggesting that Hillary may have lied during the Whitewater investigation.

It doesn’t matter if the allegations are true or not. The truth doesn’t matter to the Republican noise machine. They will come after Hillary with every piece of dirt they have on her. Hillary’s baggage, and her husband’s baggage, are unfortunately our baggage so long as we continue to put them in positions of power. Every Clinton scandal – past, present, and future – will be fair game to the right this fall, and the Washington Times just proved it. Say what you will about Obama, but Reverend Wright doesn’t hold a candle to the stuff in the Starr Report.

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