Hating Hillary

I’m amazed at how many Democrats I talk to who now “hate” Hillary Clinton. That’s the word they use, hate. I always ask them, did you alway dislike the Clintons, and they inevitably tell me, no, they liked Bill, voted for him twice, and liked her too. Now they hate her. This comment from a reader is illustrative:

Earlier this morning I suggested perhaps a change from negative Clinton posts BUT later when I heard the reports that she is NOW doing the weirdest math and ONCE again moving the goal posts, I went ballistic. No One in this party seems to have the balls to step in and squelch this insane megalomaniac woman. Over the span of a few months I went from trying to be neutral to down right hate of this woman.

Enough of her “I am the winner”. NO she is not and self-proclamation doesn’t make it so. You want to fight her all year, I am with you.

Hillary already had enough baggage walking into this race, her negatives have always been sky high, but now she’s making Democrats hate her. That isn’t good. And it isn’t the definition of electable.

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