Half the audience at White House Correspondents Association dinner didn’t put hand on heart during National Anthem

You’re not supposed to put your hand on your heart during the National Anthem, that’s for the Pledge, but still, it’s interesting that at the opening of last week’s White House Correspondents Association dinner, a little birdie tells me that half the audience didn’t put their hands on their hearts. I just watched the official C-Span video and the gang on the dais did put their hands on their hearts, though I suspect they were briefed in advance that they’d better (the video doesn’t show the audience, though it does show George Bush looking awfully uncomfortable). But friends in the audience tell me that it wasn’t quite so patriotic amongst the elite of America’s journalism. Does the mainstream media love America as much as we do?

Oh, and extra points for anyone who can confirm which reporters were at the dinner and whether or not they had their hands on their hearts. Maybe someone should contact them all and ask them, one by one, to verify their patriotism. Starting with Stephanopoulos and Russert.

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