Dear Media, time to ask Hillary some hard questions

1. Your own campaign chairman, Terry McAuliffe, told MSNBC last night that you will lose to Obama in overall pledged delegates. So the only way for you to win the nomination is by the superdelegates overruling the will of the people. That will cause a civil war in the Democratic party (I’ll be helping to lead it). It will likely cause blacks to leave the party, possibly forever. It will disenfranchise the youth vote. The Netroots will likely declare war on you.

A) In what imaginary universe do you see the superdelegates risking a civil war for you?

B) How are you going to win an overwhelming majority of the remaining superdelegates, something you need in order to overrule the vote of the people, when the overwhelming majority of them are endorsing Obama?

C) Why are you willing to accept a civil war in the Democrat party in order to win the nomination? Doesn’t that make you a traitor to your party?

2) The DNC has said that this drawn out nomination is hurting their fundraising and limiting the number of ads they can run against John McCain. You can’t win, and by drawing out the nomination, you’re hurting the DNC’s efforts against McCain. Why does that not make you a traitor?

3) A congressional candidate and a senate candidate have both told us that your name on the ballot in the fall will be an immediate 5 to 8 point penalty in the polls for their races. This is because you are so hated by the right that your name on the ballot will inspire every lunatic to vote, and they will vote a straight party ticket, hurting every Democrat running. Explain why we shouldn’t care that your nomination will devastate Democratic races across the country? Then explain why this doesn’t make you a traitor?

4) A congressional candidate and a senate candidate have both told us that the drawn out nomination is hurting their fundraising, as donors focus more on the presidential election, but also as some major donors are not willing to spend money on the general if your name is on the ballot (because your name on the ballot will doom Democratic races in more conservative states). You can’t win, and you’re hurting Democratic fundraising across the country. Why doesn’t this make you a traitor to your own party?

5) Groups like EMILY’s List, AFSCME, and the American Federation of Teachers are still wasting large sums of money on independent expenditures to support your doomed candidacy. That money could be better spent on candidates who actually have a chance of winning, rather than a candidate who has already lost. You are literally taking money away from campaigns that need it. Why does this not make you – and EMILY’s List, AFSCME and the AFT – traitors to your own party?

6) Because you’re insisting on staying in a race that you’ve already lost, Obama is forced to spend money and time dealing with you, rather than dealing with John McCain. You are literally helping John McCain in this race. Why does that not make you a traitor to your party?

7) An increasing number of Democrats – Democrats who once liked and defended both you and your husband – now hate you, and are saying that the Republicans may have been right in everything they’ve ever said about you. Why are you willing to destroy your credibility and reputation in the Democratic party for a race that you’ve already lost?

Once Hillary answers those questions, then we’ll talk.

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