Clinton spokesman outright lies about Hillary telling O’Reilly “Rich people…God bless us.” It’s bizarre.

Last night, during her interview with O’Reilly, Hillary Clinton said of rich people “God bless us”:


Pretty cut and dried, right? Wrong. Today, for whatever reason, her spokesperson denied it, via Markos:

On today’s “state of the race” conference call, a reporter asked about an exchange between Hillary Clinton and Bill O’Reilly on yesterday’s show in which Clinton uttered the words, “Rich people—God bless us.”

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson denied that’s what she said: “She said ‘God blessed us.’ B-L-E-S-S-E-D.”

No, she said “God bless us.” Watch the video. It’s not even open for debate. Hillary even said it really slowly so you can hear every syllable. That is an outright lie from her campaign. If they lie about the little things, they’re lying about the big things, too. It’s pathological with the Clintons and their campaign. And worst of all, it’s all on tape for all of America to see – again.

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