Clinton Campaign, Surrogates, DNC April 1992: Screw the remaining states, the race is over

And don’t forget that back in 1992, they had FAR more states that hadn’t voted since the primaries started in March, as compared to January this year. Jed has a lot more quotes, but these are the best:

“It’s mathematically impossible for Brown to get the nomination.”
— Clinton spokesman George Stephanopoulos on Clinton’s last foe (NYT, 4/8/92)

“It’s time to close ranks. We cannot wait until July when we already know who has earned the right to be our nominee and who will be our nominee.”
— West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller (NYT, 4/11/92)

“I cannot imagine a set of circumstances that would keep Bill Clinton from having a majority of the delegates by the end of the primary season.”
— Democratic Party Chairman Ronald H. Brown (NYT, 4/29/92)

“Mr. Brown added that he had long hoped for an early nominee ‘so we can focus our time and attention on George Bush.'”
— NYT, 4/29/92

So when Bill Clinton said the other day that never has a candidate been treated so disrespectfully, he lied. Surprise.

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