Clinton campaign now says “it’s about delegates, not the popular vote”

You need your own separate supercomputer to track the lies and ever-changing positions coming out of these people. After telling us for weeks that Hillary is really ahead in the popular vote (she’s not), now the campaign is saying that popular vote doesn’t matter, delegates matter. And they’re saying that Obama is ahead in delegates. So, why are they still here? It sounds to me like Clinton’s campaign thinks that somehow, after this coming Saturday, they’re going to miraculously overtake Obama in delegates, so now they’re again making the delegates argument. But they’re not going to overtake him in delegates. The only way they can do that is if the superdelegates overrule the votes of millions of Democratic voters. Fat chance of that. Not to mention, it would be rather hilarious for Hillary to now be arguing (and she is, and has been for a while) that every vote counts, only to then be urging elite party leaders in Washington to overturn all of those voters she just “fought” for.


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