Clinton (and McCain) attacking Obama (and the Democratic party) over the gas tax gimmick

You really can’t get more shameless than Hillary Clinton.

She, like her husband, will screw over the rest of the Democratic party for her own political gain.

The new “Exhibit A” is the gas tax gimmick. This should be a real warning sign to all Democrats.

Clinton had the audacity to challenge other Democrats to join her crusade to basically pour money into the oil companies while draining money from needed highway projects. As Steve Benen noted yesterday, Clinton is already using “the bogus issue to triangulate against congressional Democrats.

Colorado Congressman and Senate candidate Mark Udall called her bluff:

“Senator Clinton claimed yesterday that I either stand with her on this proposal or stand with the oil companies. To that I say: I stand with the families of Colorado, who aren’t looking for bumper sticker fixes that don’t fix anything, but for meaningful change that brings real relief and a new direction for our energy policy. We can’t afford more Washington-style pandering while families keep getting squeezed.

“It is exactly the kind of short-sighted Washington game that keeps us from getting real results to our energy problem. Experts across the ideological spectrum agree that it will increase the deficit, drain money away from Colorado roads and bridges, and hurt the environment, all without actually making prices lower for drivers.”

Very, very strong retort from Udall.

We all know Clinton is desperate, just desperate, to win. With the gas tax gimmick and her challenge to fellow Democrats, she’s showing she’ll throw them under the bus, too.

The first paragraph of the Reuters article says it all:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican John McCain hammered Democrat Barack Obama on Friday for refusing to support a proposal to suspend the federal gasoline tax.

Doing the GOP’s work for them again. But, she’s made it about more than Obama. She’s using her campaign to damage all Democrats. If they vote against her loony proposal, it will be used against them in the fall by the Republicans. So now the Clintons are very much taking the entire party down with them. They’ve done it before. They’ll do it again.

Those superdelegates have to make this stop.

NOTE FROM JOHN: Let’s not forget that Hillary was a strident opponent of repealing the gas tax when she was running for the Senate in 2000. She looks like an idiot contradicting herself just to win votes, and you can rest assured that the Republicans will add this to the long list of say-anything-do-anything Clinton lies that they throw at us in the fall were she to be the nominee. She doesn’t just have baggage, she keeps jamming more inside an already overstuffed bag. Enough already. Oh, and here’s the Hillary quote we can expect in the Republican attack ads in the fall:

“And one of my fundamental disagreements during this campaign with my opponent was when he called for the repeal of the gas tax. Now, the gas tax is one of those few taxes that New York actually gets more money from Washington than we send. And we are totally reliant on it to do things like finishing I-86 in the Southern Tier, or the fast- ferry harbor works up in Rochester, as well as the work we need to do here in the city. So you can count on me to support infrastructure, but I’m sorry, Mayor, I can’t go with the domed stadium.”

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