BREAKING: CNN says Pelosi calling SuperDs, urging them to pick a candidate by next week

And you didn’t think she had it in her. Here is CNN’s transcript:

Blitzer: The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is sounding more determined than ever to try to make sure the Democrats don’t take their presidential fight all the way to the Denver Convention. In fact, she’s now threatening to take matters into her own hands. Let’s go to CNN’s Kate Bolduan. She’s following this story for us. You’re learning Pelosi’s actually starting to take some specific action. Tell us what she’s doing.

Reporter: Exactly, we’ve just learned that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now calling uncommitted superdelegates, urging them to pick a candidate between now and next week opinion clearly it’s crunch time for the Democratic Party and they know it. A blunt warning from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi telling the San Francisco Chronicle that the Democratic nomination fight must be resolved soon or else.

[AUDIO – NANCY PELOSI: Earlier than that I will step in. Because we cannot take this fight to the convention. It must be over before then. I believe it will be over in two weeks.]

Reporter: Stepping in, according to to a Pelosi spokesman means she’ll pressure undeclared superdelegates to publicly endorse either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Those declarations are key because it’s unlikely either candidate will clinch the nomination after next week’s final primaries. Right now, excluding Florida and Michigan whose delegations are being contested, there are 271 superdelegates in Congress. 92 of them support Clinton. 114 support Obama. That leaves 65 lawmakers still undeclared. One of those is congressman Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania.

[VIDEO – JASON ALTMIRE: If we allow this to fester, to drag out over the next three months into the national convention which is at the end of August, then we may not have time to put the pieces back together.]

Reporter: While Speaker Pelosi plans on pushing superdelegates to declare their picks, she insists she’ll remain neutral because of her role chairing the Democratic Convention in August. But in the past Pelosi has said superdelegates should follow one guiding principle.

[VIDEO – SPEAKER PELOSI: It will do great harm to the Democratic party if it is perceived that the superdelegates overturn the will of the people.]

Reporter: Now, we’ve also learned that Pelosi is coordinating with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to bring this fight to an end for superdelegates to make a public choice by next week. In a radio interview Reid said he spoke to Pelosi just this morning.

Blitzer: Kate, thanks very much. Good update.

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