WaPo-ABC poll: Americans pessimistic on economy and Iraq

This is seriously bad news for McCain as he runs for a third Bush term. When the Democrats lock down their Presidential candidate, McCain is in for some rough seas. A few highlights of note:

The percentages of Democrats and independents advocating withdrawal and seeing Iraq as distinct from the U.S. terrorism fight are also at or near high marks. And three-quarters of Democrats and nearly six in 10 independents do not see significant progress in Iraq.


Two-thirds of Democrats call the economy downright “poor,” as do a majority of independents. But while a wide majority of Republicans rate the economy negatively, only about three in 10 describe conditions as that dire, and most have a positive take on the future. Most Democrats and independents, however, hold pessimistic views about the next 12 months.

Economic ratings are flagging across partisan lines, and overall optimism is at a new low among all Americans: Nearly six in 10 said they feel pessimistic about the economy for the coming year, a seven-point increase since early February. And those who think the situation is already in poor shape do not have high hopes for recovery anytime soon; nearly three-quarters of them have a negative view about the next 12 months.

The Republicans can write off Democrats – they can’t write off independents.

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