Second time today, Hillary implied that she’d nuke Iran – now she’s backing off

Nice. So in the space of 12 hours, Hillary has twice suggested that she’d nuke Iran, but now her staff is saying that she didn’t mean to imply that she would. Maybe she’s just 60 years old and tired, like her husband said she was when she repeatedly lied about Bosnia for four months. So long as foreign policy crises only happen when Hillary is well rested, and feeling honest, we should be fine.

I’ve thought some more about this. And jokes aside, this is serious. Hillary Clinton misspoke today, twice, when detailing the possible use ofUS nuclear weapons in the Middle East as it concerns Iran and the defense of Israel. This is an incredibly dangerous topic. And she made a mess of it, repeatedly, to the point where her staff had to get involved to try to make amends, so that now our enemies and our allies have no idea what Hillary’s position is on war with Iran, the defense of Israel, and the possible use of US nuclear weapons. Even more disturbing is the possibility that Hillary made these comments, this apparent flip-flop on US nuclear policy, in order to curry favor with voters in Pennsylvania on the eve of that state’s primary. (I’ve also heard speculation that Hillary’s new nuclear policy is really about forcing Obama into some kind of bind, or something.) This isn’t Bosnia any more, where you can send the First Lady in with a child, a singer and a comedian to read a poem. It’s a possible nuclear war scenario, and Hillary, in an effort to act all tough, win a few votes, and take a jab at Obama, played politics with our national security and sent the wrong message to the world, the wrong message to our enemies. It’s 3am, folks, and the phone just rang. And Hillary got it wrong.

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