Hillary lied again

We had two very good men run for president in 2000 and 2004, but large segments of the electorate concluded that they did not really understand or relate to or frankly respect the truth, and I think that is an issue for voters.

Here’s what Hillary says on her campaign Web site:

Today, Hillary Clinton received the endorsement of another prominent Montana leader, Yellowstone County Commissioner Bill Kennedy…. Kennedy said Sen. Obama’s remarks last week at a San Francisco fundraiser solidified his support for Sen. Clinton.

Here’s the truth from Kennedy today, April 15:

“I had been leaning toward Hillary for months,” Kennedy said. “I actually decided to endorse her two weeks ago.”

In other words, he decided on April 1. Obama made the bitter comments on April 6. So, she lied.

It’s not just the lies, but how bad Hillary sucks at lying. The lies are amateurish. She was caught in sniper fire when she knows there were a bazillion reporters, including film crews, with her at the time? The White House sent her and her 15 year old daughter on trips that were too dangerous for the president? She only mentioned the Bosnia gaffe once, late at night? Everyone at all of their stops has been wearing “I’m not bitter” stickers (when they weren’t, and the media has been with them the entire time)? She’s always been opposed to NAFTA? She brought peace to Northern Ireland? She once tried to join the Marines? She’s a duck hunter and a big fan of the culture of guns?

Speaking of ducks, if it quacks like a duck…

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