DKos: “Hillary’s serious gay problem”

DavidKC over at DailyKos takes an extensive look at Hillary’s “gay problem”:

In Hillary Clinton’s disturbing attempt to rebrand herself as a Bible-totin’, gun-slinging Annie Oakley, complete with right-wing talking points, I guess it’s not surprising that gays would end up with the short end of the stick in Camp Clinton these days. Hillary has given lip service to supporting GLBT rights, but her actions over the past few months – not to mention the past few decades – have shown that Hillary is not only trying to distance herself from the gay community and GLBT issues but has done her best to use anti-gay sentiment to her advantage. There’s a disturbing pattern at work here, folks, that should outrage any true Democrat who cares about equality….

Hillary’s divisive race-baiting tactics alone were enough to ensure that I would never vote for her for anything, not even dog-catcher. And her gay-baiting tactics have now put her right up there with George W. Bush on the list of politicians that I can’t even stand to look at. And this coming from a true blue Democrat. Nice going Hillary.

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