Did Obama flip the “Italian bird” to a CorningWare plant? Yes, if you’re an idiot.

You may have read that some idiots on the Internets, including the LA Times, are convinced that Obama flipped Hillary the bird during a recent speech in front of tens of thousands of people and dozens of TV cams. Yes, imagine Obama, possibly days away from finally knocking Hillary out of the race, and he says to himself, hey, maybe I should give Hillary the finger right now in front of an audience of millions of TV viewers! Uh huh. I’m sure.

Well, I decided to do what apparently no one else in the media or conservative/pro-Hillary blogosphere had the time or brains to do, I looked at a few other Obama speeches on YouTube to see if he has a habit of touching his face while he speaks. And what do you know? He does.

Media Matters went the extra mile and pulled a second video, from a different vantage point, of the famed “finger” speech, and lo and behold, Obama is actually using several fingers to scratch his face, not one. But I did have an extra laugh when researching this post. I found a great Obama speech in Erie, Pennsylvania in which, if you slow the speech down all the way, it looks like Obama is giving the vafangu (a la Antonin Scalia) to a Corning plant. Seriously. Watch for yourself.

Maybe we can get the LA Times to report on Obama’s hatred of CorningWare too.

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