Common Cause calls out McCain on his campaign finance shenanigans

Jane Hamsher has a copy of the full letter from Common Cause to McCain, here’s a key paragraph:

Similarly, we are concerned that your recent actions in regard to public funding in the presidential primaries may undermine respect for the federal campaign finance laws, especially the presidential public financing system. Having opted into the system last summer – and having signed a binding certification agreement with the FEC – it is clear to us that you need an FEC vote to allow you to withdraw.

Yes, McCain does needs a vote to withdraw – he alone can’t make that call. McCain can’t get a vote. Because of Mitch McConnell’s games in the Senate, there aren’t enough FEC Commissioners. So, McCain is stuck in the public finance sytem — and McCain is breaking the law with every dollar he spends.

You know things are bad when Common Cause has to tell McCain that “it is vital that you respect the role of the FEC.” The so-called “champion” of campaign finance reform shouldn’t have to be told that.

Maybe this letter from Common Cause will perk the interest of the McCain traveling press corps — or anyone in the traditional media. Don’t count on it.

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