Clinton’s dramatic health care story is dramatic, but not true — and the campaign never vetted it.

Okay, this is not good for the Clinton campaign. Not good at all. Clinton has been regularly telling a very sad and tragic health care story in her campaign stump speech that is not true.

The NY Times has the article. The JedReport has video of Clinton telling the story again yesterday — and it’s not pretty. As Jed notes, “The level of detail with which Clinton tells this yarn is breathtaking.” Today, the Clinton campaign admitted to CNN, “In this case, we did try, but were not able to fully vet it.” What? How can that be? Seriously.


Since the Clinton campaign is talking to superdelegates about “electability,” the superdelegates should ponder the narrative that is developing about Hillary Clinton’s ability to tell the truth. It’s not like she just relayed this health care story or just told the Tuzla story. Watch those videos again. She was emphatic in both cases and went into great detail. Yet, neither are true. Now, I don’t imagine the Republicans would make hay out of this pattern in the general election, do you?

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