Say anything, do anything – Texas edition


My mom was a delegate in Dallas this past weekend. She arrived at 7AM and didn’t get to leave until 8PM. She said that it appeared the Clinton delegates were trying to drag things out so long that people would have to leave. She thought they challenged about 3,000 delegates and each of them had to go through the credentialing committee.

One of the Clinton delegates from her group challenged the validity of entire precincts. One of the precincts she challenged was almost entirely African American. Towards the end, after this group was credentialed they came by and shook their fists at the Clinton delegate and chanted “we’re still here” in her face. My mom said it was a little tense.

She also said that it was sad to see all of the elderly there having to sit in stadium seats for 13 hours. She didn’t know of anyone leaving without an alternate to replace them though. A very pregnant woman in her group had to lie on the concrete floor at times.

I don’t know why this didn’t make bigger news. She said it was obvious to everyone there what was going on and she thought Clinton had made many enemies from inside the democratic party that day.

Poulsbo, WA

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