Responsible Plan, from Democratic candidates

Recognizing that ending the war in Iraq is critical to our nation’s security and foreign policy, Darcy Burner and at least a dozen other Democratic congressional candidates have signaled their support for a comprehensive approach to foreign policy that would put us back on the right track.

From a policy standpoint, it is clear, comprehensive, and reality-based. Implementing this platform would do a great deal to improve our nation’s security, as well as its military and intelligence structures. It also has plenty of endorsements (and input) from credible military and foreign policy professionals.

The plan, which is impressively detailed, boils down to a handful of major points:

- End US Military Action in Iraq
- Use US diplomatic power
- Address humanitarian concerns
- Restore our Constitution
- Restore our military
- Create a new, US-centered energy policy

All vital, and all elements that are being dangerously overlooked by most Republicans this cycle. Do go check it out in full, it’s excellent, and I’d encourage anybody who lives in a competitive district this cycle to ask your candidate(s) to support the plan.

On a more personal note, I had the opportunity to talk with Ms. Burner extensively late last month, and she’s one of the more impressive individuals I’ve ever met. She knows her stuff on a variety of issues, has incredible intellectual curiosity, and she struck me as having a tremendous combination of toughness and warmth. I’m certainly looking forward to having her in Congress, and it’s to her great credit that she’s been instrumental in getting the Responsible Plan up and running.

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