Implications of Fallon resignation

Combining foreign policy analysis with Kelly Clarkson analysis is, let’s be honest, basically catnip for me. There’s no way I’m not linking to it, but it certainly helps that Spencer Ackerman’s analysis of the resignation of CENTCOM head Adm. William Fallon is right on. Spencer explains,

Gates said in a press conference just now that no one should think the move reflects any substantive change in policy. That sure won’t be how Teheran sees it. The Iranians will consider Fallon’s resignation to indicate that the bombing begins in the next five minutes.

Fallon was widely believed to be a (lone?) voice of sanity in terms of administration policy regarding Iran. It may not be especially bad news, but it’s certainly not good.

NOTE FROM JOHN: I think Gates is telling the truth. The policy always was to force a war with Iran, and pushing Fallon out helps to eliminate the greatest risk to that policy. So Gates is technically correct: With Fallon’s departure there will be no substantive change in the Bush administration policy of seeking a military conflict with Iran. Feeling reassured?

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