Hillary is now risking our House majority. Let’s call some SuperDelegates and see if they agree.

UPDATE: Give to the DCCC, the congressional body in charge of electing and re-electing Dems to the House. They’re the group that Hillary is threatening to boycott if Pelosi doesn’t hand her the election. Let’s show Hillary and her rich donors that they’re no longer relevant in a party where millions of small donors now rule the day. You can give securely via our ActBlue page. And, we will be setting up ActBlue pages for more individual House and Senate races soon, too.

My contribution: $

As you know, Hillary got her top donors to threaten to pull to pull their support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Basically, 20 top donors wrote Speaker Pelosi and told her that if she doesn’t publicly endorse Hillary’s effort to steal Obama’s elected delegates, they may pull their money from the DCCC. Make no mistake, Hillary was behind yesterday’s letter threatening House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Your top donors don’t make a public move like that against our more important elected official in the House without Hillary’s approval (and most likely, Hillary’s coordination).

The thing is, Hillary has now moved beyond endangering our race for the White House. She’s now risking our House Majority.

The DCCC is the body responsible for electing and re-electing Democrats in the House. By getting her rich super-donors to threaten to stop funding the DCCC, Hillary is threatening to severely damage our efforts to hold the House in the fall. If the DCCC doesn’t have as much money, then every candidate the DCCC supports will get less money.

Ever single Democrat in the House, all 232 of them, are SuperDelegates. Perhaps it’s time we asked those SuperDelegates who are supporting Hillary, and those who are undecided and inexplicably not choosing sides, whether they agree that it’s appropriate for Hillary to threaten a boycott of the DCCC, effectively holding hostage every Democrat in the House. If they agree, perhaps we can start with a financial boycott of those members themselves.

Feel free to give them a call, and report back here on what they have to say.

MESSAGE FOR EVERY SUPERDELEGATE: Does your office support Hillary’s attempt to blackmail Speaker Pelosi and boycott the DCCC?

1. You can find a list of Hillary’s SuperDelegates here (click the link, then scroll down a bit, the ones in the House of Representatives will have a “Rep.” before their name).

2. You can find a list of uncommitted SuperDelegate House members here.

3. Use the House Web site to find the Web site of each House member, and thus their phone number (and/or email address).

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