Bush on economy: leave it alone and it will somehow work out

Make no mistake that we’re in this situation because people like Bush and the McCain economic advisers wanted it this way. The problems are nowhere near the end and will continue to bleed but the Bush/GOP plan is to just throw money at the source of the problem. This is their plan for everything, throw cash and when your hands are empty, print more and throw that. Sheesh.

Why don’t we “let the market decide” and watch the gamblers of Wall Street all collapse? Letting the market decide is what *they* wanted so why bail them out now? A dose of proper oversight could have limited the impact of the collapse and the run on the bank like at Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, but no, that’s not what they wanted. Why print more money and give it away when the bums can’t even admit they have a problem?

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