AP brings up Monica

Hillary Clinton’s calendar as First Lady was released yesterday. The Associated Press did a lengthy comparison of Hillary’s calendar appointments and how they coincided with the times that Monica and Bill Clinton had sex. It’s a pretty risque, and risky, article for AP. I can easily see the firestorm of indignation this is going to produce from the Clinton campaign and its supporters. And some of it might be deserved, as AP doesn’t exactly explain why it wrote this article now (the article goes into some detail about what sex acts they did on what day and where Hillary was at the time). Having said that, the Republicans are certainly going to rehash Monica should Hillary become the nominee, and we’ll again be forced to deal with the excruciatingly public details of Bill Clinton’s sex life through election day and beyond. As Hillary always reminds us, Obama’s scandals are issues that should be publicly discussed now so that the Superdelegates can take them into account when deciding whether Obama can win against the Republicans in the fall. Unfortunately for Hillary, AP appears to have applied Hillary’s “bring those scandals on!” standard against Hillary herself. The lesson here: Be careful what you wish for.

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