McCain press conference

McCain is very disappointed with the article. It’s not true. He’s served our nation honorably for half a century.

At no time have I ever done anything that would betray the public trust.

Questions from reporters:

McCain says no one on the staff ever intervened with him about Iseman. He denied relationship. Described her as “a friend.”

Doesn’t know of any meeting John Weaver had with Iseman to tell her to butt out.

Provided many answers to NY Times. Fully cooperated with them. Never tried to dissuade them from running the story. He says he never talked with them — but then had to correct that. He did have a conversation with Bill Keller.

McCain says the story is based on anonymous sources. He’s very disappointed in that. But he maintains that he does not recall conversations about intervening with Iseman.

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Mrs. McCain is very disappointed in the NY Times. We know he would never do anything to disappoint our family. (Um, Cindy, you may want to confirm that with the previous Mrs. McCain. She might have been a tad disappointed)

This shouldn’t be a problem with conservatives.

Asked if this goes to the central core of his campaign of changing Washington, he said that is why he’s so disappointed. He wants people to look at his whole record.

He was in contact with Ms. Iseman several months ago.

Reporter tells McCain she did speak with former McCain aide John Weaver who claims he did speak with Ms. Iseman. McCain knew nothing about that.

The word for the day is “DISAPPOINTED.”

Basically, McCain denied every single point. Everyone else is lying.

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