McCain facing serious legal question about his campaign finance “deal”

So one of John McCain’s claims to fame is that he’s the champion of campaign finance reform. But, we’re seeing the dark side of McCain. He’s actually the champion of scamming the campaign finance system:

Still, questions about the legality of the deal have turned the fine print of McCain’s borrowing into a source of intense scrutiny among leading campaign lawyers. Several suggested McCain has landed in a legal bind: If McCain used the promise of public financing to secure the loan — as Democrats suggest — he faces strict spending limits. If public funds were not involved — as Potter argues — that poses other problems.

And, McCain, who is on the verge of breaking the law, wants to make public financing an issue with Obama. As if. I’ll repeat what we wrote during our debate open thread when Russert asked Obama about public campaign financing for the general election:

Campaign finance. Here’s the answer — listen, Tim — McCain is on the verge of breaking the campaign finance laws. He could go to jail for 5 years as a result. Why do I care what McCain thinks about this issue, he’s lost all credibility. As for Obama, Russert got it wrong. Obama didn’t promise to take public funding, he said he’d sit down with the GOP nominee and try to work out a deal. Big difference.

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